Our Story

Launched by Chef Marco Canora out of the kitchen window of his landmark restaurant Hearth, Brodo started serving hot cups of broth in the fall of 2014. We remain dedicated to the ethos that is the soul of all of Marco’s cooking—using craft and care to deliver all the flavor and goodness of real food, prepared well.


Marco Canora was recently awarded Best Chef - New York by the James Beard Foundation, and has been nominated five other times, including Best Restaurant in America for Hearth, which he has owned and operated for 13 years.

He is the author of: Salt to Taste: The Keys To Confident, Delicious Cooking, and A Good Food Day and Brodo: A bone broth cookbook. He lives in New York with the three loves of his life, his wife Amanda and daughters Stella and Zadie.

The Difference is Clear

While industrial food has invented ways to make broth more quickly and less expensively — liquefying ingredients, making it shelf stable, or reducing it to a base to add water later, the savings to the producer come at a cost to the customer.

We only source the highest-quality ingredients – bones from organically raised, grass-fed animals, fresh organic vegetables, whole, fresh herbs and spices – to make every batch. We then simmer it for approximately 18 hours, one batch at a time, to ensure maximum flavor and nutrient density in every cup. This process takes time, and costs money. It’s not the easiest way to make bone broth, but we know it’s the only way.

Good broth, like most good things is not complicated. It just takes time and care.

Handmade | No Preservatives | Never from Concentrate